Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In response to "Coming Clean"

            I teach U. S. History with my good friend, Steve Freenor. We are a great team due to mutual respect, similar senses of humor and our love of the content we teach. There are always two people in the world I know that will be upfront and pull no punches. One is my sister, Mary, and the other is Steve.
We keep a working guillotine for classroom management. Very effective.

            During vocabulary this morning, we began discussing my current situation especially regarding the latest blog. Steve was very complimentary about the entry but did point out that I might have gone too far in one area. My attitude towards my mom’s closing comment about having a wonderful wedding.

            I pointed out it was my honest feelings. Writing this blog had given me a tremendous amount of satisfaction. It started out as an exercise to work on my writing skills. As a future world famous storyteller, I have a modicum of understanding on how to sway people. I often use those abilities to prompt reactions and feelings about events in my blog.

            Even though yesterday’s blog was not entertaining like the one where I went to Rock City or even heartwarming like the Heist/Proposal entry, that blog will always stand out to me. It is probably the most honest thing I have ever written. I wrote it for me.

            In retrospect, if I had written the “Coming Clean’ blog a few weeks ago, it’s purpose would have been only to strike out and try to hurt my mom. Truthfully, I have about 3-4 earlier versions written since December and yesterday. None of them were written for the right reasons.

            “Coming Clean” was written by me for two reasons. First, I needed to get this weight off my chest. I have carried this around for months and it had begun to affect my outlook and how I treated those I love around me. This whole silly mess had even begun to affect my sleep or lack thereof. Secondly, I have not only great friends but smart friends. I guess you could say I outsourced this whole thing to get some fresh perspective.

            And fresh perspective, I got. Thank you. It was very comforting to know that I am not alone and some of y’all have issues like this in your own family. It was also nice to know that I may not have to shoulder all the blame in this situation to make it right.

            Since I got this on paper last Sunday, I am walking around like I’ve just dropped a 60 pound pack after climbing Blood Mountain. Life doesn’t seem so dark. Once again, thanks.

            Ironically, I wanted to avoid having a wedding for reasons like this in the first place. Since I’ve come clean, my attitude has been reinvigorated. I was never not excited about marrying Kim but now I am psyched to have a ceremony so I can give my bride Forsyth Fountain even if we only have it for a few hours.

            Over the past few days, I have gotten confirmation on the venue, been shopping for a wedding outfit, took care of the cake. Got the first draft of my vows done, looked into the marriage license. It’s all working out and it’s because I faced down the elephant in the room.

            How is this going down? Am I inviting Stuart to my wedding to appease my mom? I honestly don’t know. I lean back and forth on this one. Kim and I are planning on sitting down with Mom and Stuart to begin a dialogue to maybe work out a few things. One thing I have figured out is that I don’t have to rush anything. It will work out one way or another. I just want to have an awesome wedding and enjoy it which will happen. May 26th will be an awesome day because I have done everything for all the right reasons. I keep to that path, it will be fine.

            I’ve got a wedding to plan. See you there on the 26th. Setting up at 8am. There will be mimosas and doughnuts. Bring a chair and let’s make some memories.
Kim, I have an idea.......

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  1. I'm glad you have A Plan.

    Every little thing's gonna be all right.