Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Odds and Ends....

            Kim made this spontaneous suggestion on Saturday morning over breakfast that we should go to the Jacksonville Zoo for a family road trip day. A third cup of coffee and a good breakfast later, the Richardson-Wade-Yancey clan was cruising down I-95. (We really need to come up with a celebrity name to make these blogs easier)

            Like any excursion, this one was filled with the usual oddities that Kim and I seem to attract like dryer lint. The language barrier made for an interesting exchange/apology shared with an older couple from Quebec. The tapir was proudly displaying all that God gave him which made Jude ask the inevitable question of why this guy had five legs. (Man, I am not looking forward to the “talk.”) My personal highlight was the pregnant lady going into labor while we all were waiting for the zoo train. Apparently, labor pains entitle you to ride up front with the conductor. Who knew?
This guy needs to be in pictures, if you know what I mean....

             Writing this blog, I have a lot of chances to go in depth about situations between the Big Guy and myself. While loads of love surrounds each encounter, there is usually an adversarial moment or town involved. In short, I enjoyed aggravating my father. Looking back, I think he enjoyed those moments too.

            This weekend made me realize that I may have a challenge in my hands with Roni. I’ve always know how bright and quick she is but this weekend, I felt like Roni was always a few steps ahead of me. Roni was always playful and she was never out of line but man, she just kept getting the better of me. It was around the South American exhibit looking at the really, really huge anaconda (I am more terrified of snakes than of needles) that I grasped just how much of my own medicine I was receiving from an eleven year old girl. I laughed at myself. Hard.
Somebody learns that I hate people reading over my shoulder.

Not winning....

            So this is how you’ll exact your revenge on me, Big Guy? Who would ever guess that the 6 foot 7and half inch part time lumberjack and full time librarian of the mountains would finally get all parental revenge on his firstborn through the use of an 11 Year Old Disney Channel Addicted Girl? The ironic part is I know how I deserve every little bit of aggravation Roni gives me because I certainly delivered more than my fair share to the Big Guy.
It's a posed picture but I'm not really acting too hard here.

            Life’s a circle. Sing it, Harry.

II.        The Dark Passenger Update:

            The Dark Passenger has been riding shotgun with me in my dialysis treatments since my last post but it’s been a less bumpy ride than usual. I am still having problems accessing my top buttonhole (butt hole, Damn you, Holly S.) The good news is that I am not freaking out and shutting down.

            Writing about this seems to make me feel better. Who knew? In the past week, I am still concerned and even a little worried. Somehow, this time, I am not racked with the usual guilt/frustration/anger that comes with not getting the needles in my arm.  

            I have made two strides forward in taking care of myself this week and they both happened today. 1) Kim met me at my dialysis center so she could learn more about how to properly canalize (way too fancy word for insert-big-ass-needle-in-arm). 2) I stuck my arm on my own with a sharp and without my usual hesitation.
The 15 Gauges are the Big &Tall of the Needle World 

 Sharps scare the hell out of me because if inserted improperly, they can cause what is known as an infiltration. Once again, a way too fancy word for tear-through-vein-and-make-arm-swell-up-real-big. I think am losing my fear of sharps. It’s a big step for someone who couldn’t even watch when my nurse, Crystal, would insert the needles way back in July. Ad-Rock, you rock so well….

III. Obligatory Geek Reference

         Did you know that Mahna Mahna originated in a porno? I came across this bit back around the

time the new Muppet Movie came out and had this idea to do a blog that never materialized. This has

stuck with me but I could never frame it just right for a full entry. Enjoy the link. Slate tells it better

than I ever would have.

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