Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Let's Make Dialysis Fun!

            It amazes me to watch how ideas are being spread so fast over the internet. I never paid much attention to the notion until Kim pointed it out to me back in the early days of our dating. Up until then, I paid little attention to social media other than posting my usually funny quips and silly pictures. For the past few months, I’ve sat back and watched as the majority of images are reposted. It’s been pretty cool to see an idea move around different circles. This got me to thinking…..

            This image popped up over the weekend. I saw it first on Kathy Vassy’s page but by last night I watched it spread from several others to ending up on my roommate’s page. That is a lot of circles to pass through and few had any real connection except through me. This got me to thinking…..

            An idea popped into my head to help me deal with my renewed sense of openness and optimism towards my dialysis and condition with kidney disease. Since introducing everyone to my “dark passenger,” I’ve honestly felt better with this whole thing in spite of having the continuing problems of accessing my arm. It’s a good thing.

            Meet the Falcon which is what I call my dialysis machine. I call it that because I like to say, “Punch it, Chewie,” every afternoon when I turn on the treatment key and hear the Falcon slowly roar to life. I have to slowly increase the filtration levels which mimic the sound of the Millennium Falcon roaring to life as they flee the evil Empire. I recognize this as a bit silly to the casual observer but I am trying to keep positive about this.

            The Falcon sits on top of my Pure Flow machine which creates what we refer to as a batch. The batch is mixed into the machine and makes the dialysate which cleans the blood.  The Pure Flow is huge and boring looking. I’ve been debating on decorating them for a while. This weekend an interesting notion hit me which I shared with Kim. She loved it so now I share with you.

            I’m hosting a contest to receive stickers to decorate the Pure Flow. There will be two categories:

 1) Something funny, witty, or clever.

2) Something to represent where you live.

I’ll be posting this to my blog and twitter but I’d really like to see how far this will go. Please repost this link on your Facebook, blog, twitter, or whatever form of social media that I am unaware of yet.

Now I recognize that a contest must have prizes so I am working on creating two gift baskets to be mailed to the lucky recipients that will feature items from Savannah, GA. I know that it will have some benne wafers from Byrd’s Cookies. Fun stuff like that.

If you don’t have my address, feel free to e-mail me at: A1ARobby@Yahoo.com

Kids ask you parents’ permission before entering. Good Luck!

Please read and repost. I am lucky to have an awesome assortment of friend and colleagues so I  gotta admit that I am a little excited to see how far this will go. Let’s see if I can get on Tosh 2.0.


  1. Lol

    23yo hemo dailys patient here fistula in my right forearm. Looks like you are using 15 gauge button hole needles.

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