Saturday, September 21, 2013

Absorbent, Yellow and in Savannah is He..... UPDATED!!!!!!


             Fall has finally kicked in to where Savannah is finally cooling off. There is also a bit of a buzz going around the city which always happens right before a movie is filmed here. Back towards the end of the summer, Kim was the first to break the big news about how SpongeBob SquarePants 2 was going to be filmed in sections of Tybee Island and also downtown Savannah.   The kids and I are quite thrilled.

            Since then, we have been speculating on who Hollywood was bringing for the special live-action star. Last time, we got the obvious choice of David Hasselhoff who gave Spongebob and Patrick a ride back to Bikini Bottom. It was announced officially yesterday that Antonio Banderas will be around for the second go. Asking around to some of the casting crew, I found out pirates will be a large art of this movie with Mr. Banderas as the villain and Head Pirate.

            The other big news is the huge casting call for extras. Unfortunately for me, I am out due to the visible tattoo and my beard. The good news is Roni and Jude’s school is had a huge casting call in conjunction with the SPSP producers. Kim has just taken Jude. Fingers crossed.

Waiting in line

            I asked Roni if she was interested but I go the 12 year old female look as Roni commandeered the TV remote. “It’s not my thing.” was the response. Roni is cracking me up.

             Kim got a migraine during the wait for casting so I showed up to help out. I got to sit in the casting session with local casting director. I was able to pick up a few things, most of them obvious. The SBSP gang will come out from the ocean out on Tybee where many families will be at the beach. Broughton Street will represent some seaside type city but pretty sure it won't be Shell City like the last time and also no David Hasselhoff in this outing either.
              Broughton Street will have a big chase scene where the SpongeBob Gang will encounter the bad guys. Along the way the street will be filled with extras posing as shoppers, store owners, cotton candy hawkers. Anything to make Broughton appear more like a seaside city. Guessing it will look outstanding from the work I have already seen.

            I took a few pictures of where they are planning on filming. . The exact location is off Broughton and Drayton right next to that awesome vintage toy store, Planet Fun. I am no Bill Dawers (our local writer/Blogger of all things Savannah and always a pretty good read) but I think I capture the area pretty decent for a first timer.
                 While downtown taking some shots, I had the chance to ask Planet Fun Store owner, John Croley, a few questions about the upcoming October shoot. He confirmed the shoot will take place around the middle of Oct. 

******I had an exclusive scoop regarding the downtown filming. It is amazing and I'm guessing from the scale of the event, it'll be towards the climax. On my own, I've pulled this tidbit because you deserve to be surprised. Trust me, it's epic. I got chills****

            Tour guiding downtown, I am sure I’ll start picking up some good scuttle-but and hopefully more photos as the Oct. 1st filming date . Keep you posted.


Are you ready, Savannah?


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