Tuesday, June 25, 2013

PhotoBomb Tuesday: It's Our 75th Post and Recipe!!!!!

            Welcome to our 75th post! To celebrate Photo bomb Tuesday and the creation of post number seventy-five, we bring you the obligatory Summer Recipe Post.

             Unless you are new to my blog then you know the ultimate carnivore my boy is. A while back the older sister experimented with being a vegetarian. Jude began to proudly proclaim he is a “meatarian.”  Jude is certainly a carnivore and his love of bacon and all things meat has always been something we enjoy to share.

            Last year for his birthday, I created his birthday burger which was basically 3 hamburger patties molded into one and wrapped with some bacon. Jude loved it. Four days and six hamburger buns later, Jude finally finished the “beef behemoth.”

            As his birthday came up, Jude began to talk about that burger and asked for a repeat. Being my father’s son, I couldn’t say no nor could I just do the same old thing. Thus lead to the creation of the Cheese Pizza Bacon Burger Behemoth II.

Here we go:


Usually, I have got the ground beef and make the patties myself but time was of the essence so I picked some fresh Angus beef patties from Kroger. It worked out pretty good.  

Next I wove several strips of bacon into a mat and baked them for about 10 min at 424 degrees. Keep an eye on it because different bacon cooks faster.

My friend Rebakah Kirby suggested placing bacon into the burger which I did here. Afterwards she informed me that the bacon should be cooked first. It worked this way but I’m guessing the cooked bacon would be better. If I was doing this for myself, I'd also have added some chopped fresh jalapenos(deseeded). Better than a bell pepper.

I fixed the patty back then wrapped it in bacon only to discover I didn’t have any toothpicks so I improvised with a bamboo skewer. Worked just fine.

 Here is a great grilling trick which I have discovered makes all the difference. When taking the patties (or for that matter and form of meat), don’t just put them on a plate and let them cool off. Remember they are still cooking on the inside. I place them in a Tupperware container which I can seal in the heat and the moisture. Since I have started doing this, burgers, chicken, and pork stay juicier. It’s wild. Try it. You’ll see what I mean.


Roni and I came up with the idea of making tiny cheese pizzas to be the buns. Jude’s favorite pizza place is right down the road from us so we asked the good people at Vincenzo’s if they could help us out. Jim, the main guy, was not only helpful, I could tell he loved the idea and really got into the idea. 20 min later, we had two awesome cheese pizzas awaiting their burger. BTW, if you really love a good pizza, check out Vincenzo's. It's my favorite pie in Savannah.

So here you can see the final product and all the fun we had making and I think Jude had eating it. I’d like to point out the placement of ketchup and honey mustard (which I swear has got to be part of this kid’s blood type) was Jude’s idea. It’s his burger so I didn’t argue and apparently Jude claimed it made even better.

Hamming it Up for the camera

So this wraps up this week’s Photo bomb and Obligatory Summer Recipe. I am already hard at work for next year’s burger and working on some ideas. If you have any ideas and suggestions, I’m all years. If you try the pizza burger behemoth, LMK how it turns out. Maybe you’ll add something that might even make it better.
            We promised to send some video to Vincenzo's so here is my attempt to start a career as their

pitchman. My favorite part is seeing watching the kids making faces for the camera while I get the

pizza buns. Who knows? Maybe Savannah's own Eat and Like It will pick this up and invite us to

their Burger Cook off.  Perhaps I need to get some better TV tips from Jesse Blanco lol
But how can you improve on pizza, beef, and bacon?
Cue Home Simpson drooling sound

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