Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Photo Bomb Tuesday

            I have a little time today so I thought I’d catch y’all up on the Tide through the magic of cell

phone photos. The following should bring us up to speed on some of the more major moments over

the past few months. Enjoy Photo Bomb Tuesday

     The Daddy-Daughter Dance or in this case, Step-Daddy Daughter Dance…..

I was flabbergasted when Roni asked me and we had a blast. Trying to be smart, I figured we’d show up and Roni would take off with her friends. Nope. The Duchess insisted on dancing with me as seen here. Pretty powerful stuff that night.

The best part of the night was towards the end when they played Louis Armstrong’s What a Wonderful World when the speakers blew. All of the Daddys in the house picked up immediately and we sang to our daughters. Not many dry eyes in the house…..



                                    Mary and Christine’s Big Gay Wedding

            My little sister got married to her long time girlfriend and it was not only beautiful but one of the funner weddings I’ve ever been to. SIlly hats were required for the reception

            My smart alec wife requested on the invitation that our wedding meals be served on “special” plates so this is what the lovely Mrs. Christine came up with. They actually microwave quite well.

     Mary and Christine are both librarians at Yale so it was an obvious choice they’d get married in

the Noah Webster House. Here Mary, Kaz (the minister), and myself are wearing some bonnets they

make the school kids wear when touring to get the early Americana feel.

Rehearsal in Mary /Christine's loft

Wearing her Pop's Lucky Cuff Links he wore to every IBEW St Pats Brunch

Mary's Angels

Jude and his Black Belt Buds at his Elementary Talent Show
Kim got the chance to interview the Grand Empress herself, The Lady Chablis for Savannah magazine. The two of them hit it off and we had a remarkable evening at Club One courtesy of The Lady. She was kind enough to sign my copy that The Big Guy and Mom gave me years ago.



Jude made Kim his first perfect omelette for Mother's Day

Roni's End of the Year Art Show for Garrison.
 The Lucas is one of the older theaters in Savannah and has a great film series throughout the year. This was their viewing of Star Trek II: Wrath of Khan. Jude and I went in costume and took second. I’d like to point out Jude is wearing my old Star Trek Kirk Shirt from elementary school.  

Roni also grabbed my glasses while eating ice cream at Leopold’s. I’m startng to see a lot of Kim in Roni’s personality as she grows up. I’m in a lot of trouble. lol

Roni has left the building

We were even the Savannah Morning Press in their Spotted Section
Kim and fam as she graduates with her MFA in writing from SCAD. Proud Day!

Well, that was the last few months courtesy of my cell phone. Hopefully, I can a better blogger and write more regularly. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a pool calling out to me and sun worshiping to attend to.


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