Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sold As Is.....

Sorry, life has been busy with the impending nuptials. Two quick bits to share. Both are pretty cool.

1)       My main reason for not writing is that I have gotten my life back from dialysis. I have finally bent over kidney disease and kicked it in the arse. It took me two years but I am finally doing nocturnal dialysis. Fancy way of saying, I do my treatments while I sleep now. Yay for me!

It’s nice getting my afternoons back. I do not have to rush and the treatments are doing a better job than my old ones. I am noticing my energy is up and I am even walking better.

2)      Yesterday I got my contract for next year so I am back at Jenkins for a sixth year. While I was signing my contract I had to also update my personal info. As I looked at the form, I realized it was time to add someone new. I wrote down Kim Wade Richardson. Under relationship, I wrote spouse for the very first time.

Mrs. Blue, the administrative assistant, teased me about being nervous.

That is what so funny. Over the past week, I’ve been getting asked by everyone about pre-wedding jitters. I don’t have them. I feel the same as from the start. Right. It feels right.

Sure, Kim and I have our problems. Yet, our relationship feels very different from anything I have ever had before. I’ve been happy and in love but I have never been at peace.

Kim lets me be myself and doesn’t judge, correct, or change me. I feel the same about her. We are both “Sold As Is” package and I love it. Matter of fact, I believe it’s the fact that we both have some baggage and some flaws that make us appreciate each other so much. We’ve both been through a lot therefore we know what we’ll put up with and not. It sounds silly to say so but that has made a huge difference in how our relationship has grown.

The wedding is fast approaching. I am very excited but this time it’s different than my previous endeavor. I look forward to casually referring to Kim as my spouse and my wife but I am pretty sure it’s going to take a long time before that is a reference I get tired of making.  

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