Monday, March 5, 2012

It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better

My sister often jokes that her main job in the family is keeping me on task which is no small affair. Though, I have never been diagnosed w/ ADD, it wouldn’t surprise me to discover that I have it. I am thrown off center easier than a cheap compass. On the day of my wedding, I actually quit dressing so I could put together a kite because it seemed like a good idea at the time. I get these amazing notions but rarely finish them to completion because something shinier comes along and distracts me.  
There's a squirrel?

            I started this blog over a year ago for a few reasons. 1) I wanted to begin writing stories about the Savannah that is shrinking away. 2) I needed to learn how to write in a way that would be entertaining. 3) I wanted to work on my storytelling skills and document the all the crazy shit before Hollywood steals my story.

            The Five Year plan for the Afternoon Tide was to compile stories and eventually a pod cast to show case aspects about Savannah that we are losing. In the process, I also have another project where I create my tour. The whole thing goes to print; I quit teaching, and become a quirky man about town.  Easy Peasy.

            Well, folks, it’s been over a year but today I walked out of the Bull Street Public Library with an armload of research and an article to write. The next big thing is underway and I am pretty psyched. It hit me just what a geek I am as I poured over old Savannah Morning News clippings dating back to the 30s and 40s. Several times, I could hear the Big Guy whispering over my shoulder about not sneaking any free copies out of the library. I felt at home.
I suspect my new home away from home.

            That’s how things are going for me these days. I feel at home. Distractions pop up like that stupid dog on the old NES Duck Hunt Game yet somehow I am staying on course. I honestly thought I’d be getting the Tide off the ground back over the summer but life popped up with my hemo-dialysis training.  I tried to get back on track once school started but I spent my fall and most of the winter trying to get down how to properly stick myself. I made it through and now am back on track.

            It amazes just how much things can change within a year. Last Saturday was my one year anniversary with Kim. We spent it over a romantic dinner of Dos Sequis Amber and the worst nachos I ever had while we waited to pick up the kids from a friends’ birthday party at Frames and Games. Afterwards, we rushed to the KIA dealership so I could pick up my new (pre-owned) Optima to replace my now dead Nissan.

            I have been laughing at myself ever since because while I love my new car, it was pointed out to me this morning at school that Robby is now driving a family car. I guess my transformation to the Dark side is now complete.
I am very excited about Bring Your Jedi to Work Day

            I have made a lot of changes and major decisions in my life over the past 12 months. For the most part, I feel like there were the right ones for me to make. In spite of obstacles, I just keep plowing on and staying on task.

I get a lot of ribbing and jokes about how the love of a good woman can change a man. I don’t deny that at all. Kim’s influence over me has been a major positive in my life. What we share has made me a better man than I ever was before. I also know that I finally figured out what just is important to me and I know that I can accomplish those goals.     Good things are happening because I am making the right choices and following through. Feels good.

I have sat back and realized how much I have changed several times over the past year. Today it really hits home as I find myself surfing the internet looking at funny family car window decal stickers. You’ve seen them. The stick figure family doing various things like being Georgia Fans, surfing, or with Mouse Ears. It has taken me a few days of searching but I have discovered the perfect Family Decal for me. has actual characters so I am pretty psyched about showing up to work next week w/ Han Solo (me), Princess Leia (Kim), Ahsoka (Roni), and Li’l Boba Fett (Jude). That should get ‘em talking in the break room.


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