Thursday, March 15, 2012

In Which We Learn How Bingo Leads to Love....

Last night, the kids went to church which means Kim and I had the opportunity to have a “date night.” We grabbed that sucker with both hands tightly. I was starving but could tell Kim had her heart set on sushi. Not any sushi but the one at Fuji.

Fuji is a special place for us because that was where we met face to face for the first time last year. Somehow it has become that place that all couples refer to as “our place.” We dine there every so often. Every time we eat, Kim always loves to point out how nervous and reserved I was.

I always play this comment off but it always tickles me on a secret level. I was nervous. Her picture was stunning and way out of the league I was used to playing in. Kim always says she was just as nervous as me but I find that hard to believe. I had not been that nervous since my theatre days back at Young Harris right before I’d walk onto a scene.  

Kim and I met on E-harmony a little over a year ago. Coming out of bad relationships, we were both more than a little trepidations about the whole dating thing. I also recognize that while I am a nice guy with noble intentions, I can be a little “off the wall” and hard to take at times. Up to this point, I had my offbeat sense of humor dialed down to about a 2 as compared to its normal rating of 38.

Kim and I were in the process of getting acquainted through e-mails and we both were being quite honest but also quite reserved. Today marks the day that I realized just how sharp witted Kim is and began to relax a little bit.  
OK, it took us a bit to get this relaxed around each other...

We had been swapping e-mails about our interests. Do you like to travel? How did you end up in Savannah? What do you do in your time off?  Simple questions that are a hint of our personalities but still very much camped out in the safe region of familiarity.

I guess that was when Kim got brave and decided to damn the torpedoes.  She had sent me an e-mail stating her obsessive love for bingo. Needless to say, I was not expecting this from a single, young mother of two. It threw me for a moment. BOOM! went the joke grenade and I a big smile went across my face as I realized this girl was not just beautiful but also funny.

That gave me all the nudging I needed and began to amp up my sense of humor too. I believe my response involved the opening line of “You had me a G8, B5, & D4.” It was on after that and has been going on ever since.

Wookies need love too.

A year ago Kim came into my life followed by the two little ones which made the biggest change in my life yet. It’s been also the best. Kim hits all the big points with me. She’s gorgeous, very intelligent, talented but most of all, she is funny. Don’t let the sweet mom act fool you. She has a wit that is on par with my little sister and possible even Susan Scarbrough. (My highest praise). Best of all, she gets my sense of humor and lets me, be me. (Which is no small order at times)
Party City & Toys R Us is never a good place to take me.

Thank you, Kim for taking a chance a year ago. It changed both of our lives and made me the happiest man on earth next to an old lady playing Bingo with her lucky troll doll and an unlimited supply of fluorescent Bingo pens.

I8,        L2, O3, V4,  E6,         Y4,  O8,  U9

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  1. No, Robby, thank you for loving me just the way I am. You're the most incredible person I have ever met and most importantly, you make me laugh out loud.