Monday, August 22, 2011

Just Enjoy the Ride on my Trip Around the Sun......

      So today is my birthday and I can’t keep from smiling ear to ear. Everybody loves to get gifts but quite frankly, it has lost some of its luster for me over the years. The first birthday that Dad was gone, Mom gave me this and it is something that I treasure.
Savannah Morning News Christmas Tournament 1962

     This is a charm that my father wore on his

varsity jacket for playing in the Savannah

Morning News Xmas Tournament in 1962

for Jenkins High School.

As a child, I was mesmerized by this charm.

To recieve this as a gift, was a very powerful

moment and reinforced the idea that my father

was gone.

     I only bring it out on special occasions or during basketball season now that I teach at Jenkins. The

kids, especially the players, get a kick out of it. It makes me feel like I am still close to my dad and I even

refer to "taking Dad with me" when I put it on. It has been my favorite gift I have ever recieved.

     Until today......

     Kim had been stressing about what to get me and I kept telling her not to sweat it. I have known that I

have something special w/ her but she finally did the one thing I have told all my girlfriends when they got

stumped on what to get me. I have always said, "Call my sister, Mary." Kim did and she somehow the

two have bounded and become friends. On certain levels, this should terrify me but it brings me great

amounts of glee.

     Anyway, I digress. Kim gave me the most thoughtful gift that it actually brought tears to eyes.

          She made a scrapbook based on a joke I

kept making about the Summer of Robby that I

based on a George Constanza reference from

Seinfeld. She chronicled out entire summer and

even got pictures from our friends. Sandwiched

in there, are several of my blogs written  over

this amazing summer.

     I think what I love the most about this gift is that it is a reminder of what has been the best summer I

have had since the term summer break was used. I am truly at a happy point in my life and got to share it

with three amazing peple that I met back in February. I have not laughed this much since my days

working a s a camp counsleor. I have not felt as loved by anyone like this with the exception of my

family and good friends.

    The odd thing is that I have always disliked my birthday a little bit because it is has been a constant

reminder of the summer ending. My family and friends have always made my birthday feel special and

I apprecaite it. This year is even more special with the addition of Kim and the kids.  I have this funny

feeling that as the years go by, I'll always look at this scrapbook as a nice little time capsle of the Summer

of Robby.


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