Sunday, August 28, 2011

Insert Obligatory "Cats in the Cradle" Reference Here

On Sat, my mom had us all over for a late b-day dinner at her place. It was the first time I've take Veronica and Jude out to the family homestead and they had a blast. I knew they'd have fun because Ronnie digs hangin out with my mom and Jude got cut loose on 4 acres to be a seven year old boy on.

I had a feeling of pride and wonderment as I watched my mom show hte kids around the place. It's a neat old house with many exciting nickknacks to catch a kid's eye. I know that one first hand.Ronnie loved looking at my old ictures and got a kick out contiunously asking me what happended because I was such a cute kid. I actually found that one kind of funny and had to agree.

Stuart took Jude down to the dock and whne they got boack I had a strange moment of deja vu. As Jude entered the kitchen he looked and reminded me of walking back from the dock and coming into the house with my Pop. It was odd to be thinking that thirty-three years ago, I used to be the shaggy headed, tan kid in shorts running around the house all barefoot.  Instead of seven-year -old Robby going on about seeing some fiddler crabs of a really cool boat, it was Jude.

The torch has been passed and the next generation has begun. Rather than being schooled by my grandfather  about the hows and whys of nature, it's now up to me to pass on why Jude and Ronnie need to love the low country and all it's gifts. Next week, my sister will join me and we are going to take the kids "crab fishng" as Jude likes to call it. I am a little nervouse but also very excited and hope these kids will love the river like I do. They are not Richardsons by blood but there is good chance it may be by proxy so I got work to do.

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