Saturday, March 10, 2018

Help Robby Richardson Catch a Kidney


My name is Robby Richardson. I need a kidney. Since 2006, I have been on dialysis, and now I’ve made the decision to begin the transplant process. After much discussion with my family, I’m seeking out a living donor.
            I have explored my options for some time. My reasons for seeking a live donor can best be summed up by this taken directly from the web page of the National Kidney Foundation:

“Living donor kidneys will last on average 12 to 15 years and cadaver kidneys last on average 8 to 10 years at the present time.”

            Currently I live in my hometown of Savannah, Ga with my wife Kim and my two awesome children Roni and Jude. These three wonderful people are often the reason behind most of my smiles. In spite of kidney disease, I still work full time as a teacher at Jenkins High School where I am in inclusion Special Education teaching 10th and American Lit. Lately, I’ve begun to focus some of my work on helping autistic students integrate into the regular ed setting. Another reason for my smiles--I love teaching.
            My insurance will cover the process, so there should be no out of pocket expenses for you if decide to give me this much appreciated gift. If you are a state employee, you will even receive paid leave in the state of Georgia because they support organ transplants. If you go through the screening process and discover you are not a match, you can still donate your kidney though a paired kidney donation program where you can match with another person and in turn, UNOS will match me another donor, too. 
            You can find more information here:

            Just click on “Become a living donor.” 

            It’s pretty humbling to sit and type all the reasons why you need to put out to the universe why you need someone to give up one of their organs. Words come pretty naturally to me and frankly, this has been the hardest thing I have ever written. It comes down to this--in spite of living with dialysis (which sucks), I have found the greatest happiness in my life with my wife and kids. I dream of walking my daughter down the aisle one day, watching my son figure whatever amazing thing he’s going to do with his life, and growing old with my wife and spoiling her rotten to repay her with all the support and love she has given me through this.  Dialysis has kept me alive for 12 years, but I am now ready to live and I have three of the most amazing reasons to live for which I have just shared.  
            I can’t offer you money, but I can give you my eternal thanks for making the third act of my life matter. By donating your kidney, you will have helped make a huge difference in my life.  Somehow saying thank you just doesn’t seem to convey my gratitude enough for reading this but sometimes there aren’t enough words so please know I really do appreciate this.

---Robby Richardson  
     March 10, 2018
     Savannah Ga

Why I smile so much...


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