Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Photo Bomb Tuesday Part II Johnny Harris Restarant pics

Something was nagging at me while digging up pics and organizing my own for the previous Johnny Harris Blog. After hit "publish", I later realized that I had these little beauties that I had scanned from the Georgia Historical Society several years back.

It's  a menu from the Maple Room in Johnny Harris. I am not sure of the year it comes from but if I had to guess it falls long before Don Draper was working in advertising..... 

Is there still such a thing as coat check? 

30 cents for an Old Fashioned? I'll take a dozen.

Obviously it's the prices that will catch you eye but take a second and look at the cocktails offered. It just goes to show you how the collective palate will change over time. I'd love to see Starbucks come out with a Absinthe Frappe......

I can't remember if this is part of the same Johnny Harris Restaurant menu.
 It's been a few years and I didn't catalog like I normally do with pics. 
Regardless, 60 cents is still too much for a bowl of Cream of Asparagus. 

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