Sunday, August 11, 2013

Ready For a New School Year

            Going to wrap up the summer vacation version of Photobomb Tuesday with two smaller events that sum up the summer nicely.
            First up, Jude and I had a Guy’s Day  a few days ago so we decided to surprise Kim and her new job at the paper by cooking a special dinner. Jude was insistent on baking a cake all by himself. Big surprise when Little Man selected the Double Death by Chocolate flavor.


Unbeknownst to me, careful cake box placement is

essential to a productive shopping trip. This was the first I’ve

 heard of such but my shopping partner was rather insistent

With a little team work, we felt it turned out pretty good and that night Savannah Morning News’s latest reporter was very happy all thanks to Chef Jude.  

Jude’s plan was to design a cake to rival Cake Wars. He had a really good idea of making the cake look like a newspaper with the headline, “Congratulations.” I tried to explain how writing with icing is different from a pencil but I was ignored much the same as when my mom tried to explain the same thing to me when I was 9.

In a soon to published blog, I travelled down to Brunswick to hang out Dinner 4Geeks’s Jeff Doke and go to the Jack Davis art Retrospective with John Trotter. Trotter does a UGA Football season calendar every year so I got mine and decided to surprise my ol’ pal and colleague, David Westbrook. You met Dave waaay back here. I am very lucky to teach with a talented faculty and even luckier to have two of my closest friends, Dave Westbrook and Steve Freenor. Our senses of humor jives well together and we are often making each laugh usually at our expense.
            Dave is a die hard Gators fan so I just knew he’d appreciate Trotter’s UGA calendar. It actually became a bit of a process. First, I had to sneak both of our posters into the media center. Our media specialist refuses to allow the illumination machine to be used for non-educational items so steal was necessary. You’ll notice the posters are upside down in case I was visited.

Here is the finished product which looks great and safe from most graffiti based pens.

So we’ll see how Dave’s transition from reptile lover to Dawg lover goes as the season passes. I feel it’s going to be a smooth transition. At least the school years is getting off to a proper start.

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