Sunday, March 17, 2013

I am Helping Out a Friend

            Today’s installment of the Tide is to help out a buddy of mine waaaaay back from my old Young Harris Days. John Trotter and I met through the outdoor club the Big Guy ran called Quantrek. We were never all that close but I was always impressed with his creativity and his good nature.

            A few months ago I read on Facebook how Trotter had entered a contest that could possibly feature his artwork on a cup to be sold at all University of Georgia sporting events. What made it even cooler to me was the twist. The artwork must somehow represent the style of Jack Davis.
Always a favorfite

            Jack Davis was always a favorite artist of mine and introduced to me through the pages of MAD Magazine.  While writing this quickly, I discovered how Davis went to UGA on the GI BIll so it owuld make sense he'd do some artwork for his old alma mater. During the 80s, back when the dawgs were sugar-coated, Davis did a series of classic posters. I can remember cutting it out one out of the Sunday edition of the Atlanta Journal-COnstitution. It featured UGA in football fear and I proudly taped it to my wall.

            I am biased and make no bones about it but if you take a look at the other contestants, they don’t hold a candle to Trotter’s work. The winner is based on popular vote so help a brother out and click. It only takes a moment. I promise.

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