Wednesday, November 2, 2011

In Case of Zombie Apocalypse, Break Glass...

      There is usually one TV show that I look forward to every week. The Walking Dead has taken that slot in my world as of late. It’s also made me aware that we are undergoing what will certainly be referred to as the Great Zombie Revolution of 2011 because the undead are appearing everywhere
Best comic ever......

       The number of zombies I saw as I manned the candy station at Kim’s house during Halloween was baffling. Sure, I have known that out of all the monsters out there, zombies take the top slot as most terrifying. Even Jude has ditched his plans of us being stormtroopers next year so he can go as the Zombie skeleton boy.
          While I dig the hype, it also saddens me a bit. The down side is that much like every thing once it gets popular, soon Zombies will be considered old and passé’. Case in point, remember vampires about a year ago? Thanks to Twilight and True Blood, those bloodsuckers were quite the rage. Though I prefer my vampires not to sparkle and my werewolves wear a shirt. Thanks, Lon Chaney, Jr.  

"Run, Forrest!"

          It cracks me up because I feel a bit like the guy whose favorite underground band suddenly has a hit song on the radio. Being part o the geek movement, I’ve been immersed in the Zombie sub-culture for a while. Zack Snyder helped kick it back off for me with his beautiful remake of Dawn of the Dead back in ’04.  Shortly after that, I got into a sneak preview screening hosted by back in my Atlanta days. It was a small Brit movie called Shaun of the Dead. Afterwards, Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Edgar Wright did a Q&A when it hit that these guys may be on to something.
          Back during my ghost tour guide days, I stumbled across a little book everyone was reading called World War Z. It was written by the son of Mel Brooks but was by no means, funny. Write a book about zombies and you’ve piqued my interest. Write that same book in the still on a history book and I am hooked.  World War Z terrified me so bad, I never finished it. I got to the part where the zombies smarmed the escape boats and tankers only to topple them over. At the time, I was living in a small apartment by myself and I knew I’d get no sleep. I lent that book out and have purposely forgotten who has it.
          The Zombie Escape Plan was a popular topic of conversation during our afterhours drinking time at McDonough’s Bar and the Warehouse. Every guide I hung out with had their own exit strategy an of course, theirs was better. Looking back, I wasn’t too surprised to see how many of them drew striking similarities to Shaun of the Dead. Who doesn’t want to live in a bar and shoot zombies?
I eventually came up with my own and am pretty darn proud of it. It’s a simple plan which is why I know it will work. I steal a small U-haul and head out for Tybee. Along the way I scavenge for supplies, meds, tools, etc. Once I reach Whitmarsh Island, I hit the Publix and Wal-Mart for what ever I can load up and then head for Fort Pulaski.
I dub thee Fort Awesomeness....
After crossing the main bridge to Pulaski, I blow it up using the munitions for the cannon firings, clear out any zombies within the Fort and make camp. It’s protected on all sides by a combination of the ocean and a moat filled with gators. Eventually, I make my way to Tybee and grab a sail boat which I then use for scouting purposes, fishing, and my back up escape plan.
I may be a geek but in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse, I am a well prepared geek.


  1. You didn't find World War Z funny? I thought the cultural satire was really clever. Like the armed forces trying to "Shock and Awe" a decidedly unimpressed enemy on national television. Or the People Magazine crowd retreating to a fortified estate in the Hamptons with reality television in tow (only to give themselves away to and be overrun by the other 99%).

    Anyway, if you finish the book, you may revise your plan. One word: dirigibles.

  2. My cousin has a great idea for surviving the Zombie Apocalypse. Check out this website: Plent of room in these babies for the WHOLE family!! Love your posts Robby...keep 'em comin'!!