Saturday, September 21, 2013

Absorbent, Yellow and in Savannah is He..... UPDATED!!!!!!


             Fall has finally kicked in to where Savannah is finally cooling off. There is also a bit of a buzz going around the city which always happens right before a movie is filmed here. Back towards the end of the summer, Kim was the first to break the big news about how SpongeBob SquarePants 2 was going to be filmed in sections of Tybee Island and also downtown Savannah.   The kids and I are quite thrilled.

            Since then, we have been speculating on who Hollywood was bringing for the special live-action star. Last time, we got the obvious choice of David Hasselhoff who gave Spongebob and Patrick a ride back to Bikini Bottom. It was announced officially yesterday that Antonio Banderas will be around for the second go. Asking around to some of the casting crew, I found out pirates will be a large art of this movie with Mr. Banderas as the villain and Head Pirate.

            The other big news is the huge casting call for extras. Unfortunately for me, I am out due to the visible tattoo and my beard. The good news is Roni and Jude’s school is had a huge casting call in conjunction with the SPSP producers. Kim has just taken Jude. Fingers crossed.

Waiting in line

            I asked Roni if she was interested but I go the 12 year old female look as Roni commandeered the TV remote. “It’s not my thing.” was the response. Roni is cracking me up.

             Kim got a migraine during the wait for casting so I showed up to help out. I got to sit in the casting session with local casting director. I was able to pick up a few things, most of them obvious. The SBSP gang will come out from the ocean out on Tybee where many families will be at the beach. Broughton Street will represent some seaside type city but pretty sure it won't be Shell City like the last time and also no David Hasselhoff in this outing either.
              Broughton Street will have a big chase scene where the SpongeBob Gang will encounter the bad guys. Along the way the street will be filled with extras posing as shoppers, store owners, cotton candy hawkers. Anything to make Broughton appear more like a seaside city. Guessing it will look outstanding from the work I have already seen.

            I took a few pictures of where they are planning on filming. . The exact location is off Broughton and Drayton right next to that awesome vintage toy store, Planet Fun. I am no Bill Dawers (our local writer/Blogger of all things Savannah and always a pretty good read) but I think I capture the area pretty decent for a first timer.
                 While downtown taking some shots, I had the chance to ask Planet Fun Store owner, John Croley, a few questions about the upcoming October shoot. He confirmed the shoot will take place around the middle of Oct. 

******I had an exclusive scoop regarding the downtown filming. It is amazing and I'm guessing from the scale of the event, it'll be towards the climax. On my own, I've pulled this tidbit because you deserve to be surprised. Trust me, it's epic. I got chills****

            Tour guiding downtown, I am sure I’ll start picking up some good scuttle-but and hopefully more photos as the Oct. 1st filming date . Keep you posted.


Are you ready, Savannah?


Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Spice Must Flow....


         The joke around the house is just how much I despise going back to school after my summer off. It’s been even worse this past break because we have gone back about a week and half earlier. The first two weeks are pretty rough for all of us as I transition back to early mornings, having to eat breakfast and wear long pants with shoes. My moodiness abounds, I am a bit ashamed to admit (and I have the market cornered on moody!)
            About a week into the summer to school transition, Kim and I were chatting about how she survives this situation. The answer surprised me:
            “I just remind myself that while you are brooding over Summer Robby being gone, pretty soon you switch over to Fall Robby who morphs into Christmas Robby.”
            I had never made that connection but it’s right on the money. I love fall. Autumn is probably my favorite of all the seasons. The weather gets cool enough for long sleeves over t-shirts (my preferred mode of fashion), boiled peanuts with UGA football, and I start my famous –in-my-own-mind-Chili-making Season, Of course the a/c bill drops while all the grocery Stores smell like cinnamon. The best also means I start planning Little Man’s and my Halloween costume, start getting ready to decorate the house with spookiness, and Murder Cake will soon make his return.  BHWAHHHAAAHHHH!!!!!
            Getting ready for fall actually leaves me a bit giddy because after that comes Thanksgiving which is a whole other set of planning. (I take turkey making very serious) along with pre-pre-Christmas planning. Kim and I already scoped out the Hallmark store for this year’s Christmas Ornaments. I have already picked out Roni’s which is this year’s Star Wars Character ornament, The Ewoks.
Yeah, I know, but it’ my daughter and she loves those
damn Ewoks so I make the exception….I also saw the Clark Griswold ornament where he is plugging the Xmas lights and the Halleluiah Chorus. I really hope Kim and the kids surprise me with that one.
            Any way back to fall. I am pretty psyched. Probably more than I should be but that is just how I get. While making my six fortyish in the Gd am commute to school last week, the notion hit me that pretty soon Starbucks will unveil their Pumpkin Spice Latte and Hot Cider/Carmel drinks. Cue drool glands and Homer Simpson sounds…..

            No sooner had I began occasional letting the Pumpkin Spice flavor permeate my thoughts when I came across a pretty interesting thread by my old YHC buddy and a bit of a mentor, Steve “Saigon” Davenport ranted about on Facebook. He has a great blog and a cool fly fishing lure store here:

Saturday Afternoon Rant...Since when did the coming of fall require that everything imaginable come pumpkin-flavored? Jenna was absolutely giddy to get a pumpkin-spice latte the other day. This morning someone posted a picture of pumpkin-spice cheesecake. This afternoon at the grocery store there was something pumpkin flavored on almost every aisle...even the beer aisle. How many pumpkin ales do we really need? Personally I'm good with none! Give me a slice of pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving (heavy on the Cool Whip and hold the nutmeg please) and I'm good for the year! Of course, YMMV...

Just for you, Saigon
            Saigon brought up a great point. September arrives and the whole world seems to turn to pumpkin spice almost like the sand worms from Frank Herbert’s Dune have their own fall festival. Kim and I were at the grocery store and I came 3 different brands of pumpkin ale where a few years ago I could find one and that was searching at World Market. Our favorite product to consider taking a chance on was these but we decided to be weight conscious and just walked away.

            So why do we seem to freak out about the notion of fall and pumpkin spice? I am so thrilled at the moment but I also recognize that come October’s end, I’ll be so done with it. Once again, my wife figures it out perfectly.
            Saigon’s FB rant has been the source of ongoing conversation all day especially during our weekly Kroger shopping trip. Over cocktails after putting away the groceries, Kim suggested this tidbit.” Pumpkin spice is a lot like that first daiquiri of the summer. You haven’t had in a while and it tastes so good at first but eventually you get tired of it then Christmas comes with all those great flavors.”
            My lovely wife has a good point. One can easily argue the commercial appeal on the flavor of pumpkin spice but I think it’s something a little bit more. I honestly believe that as a people most folks are a little afraid of change but the idea of a certain flavor being attached to a certain season makes the shift a little easier and somehow special.  No one ever wants to order Hot Caramel and Sea Salt Cider on the Fourth of July with burgers and dogs but it sure makes sense in the fall.

            We’re one week into September and I already made the kids my pumpkin spice pancakes this morning (mainly because I couldn’t really find anything else to throw in).  I have no doubts I’ll be ordering one of those Lattes this week as I make my daily Starbucks run as well as probably getting a pumpkin muffin or bread too. I’ve already got my Pumpkin Ale flavor picked out from the Growler store downtown. (It’s called Pum-King from South Tier Brewery) It’s just all part of the process as we make the transition from summer to fall. And just about the time I get sick of the bread, the candy, and the flavored coffees, I ‘ll begin to realize that it’s just about time for Carnation to come out with its Christmas Gingerbread flavored Creamer and the cycle continues…..

Sunday, September 1, 2013

What Me Worry? Episode II The Brunswick, GA Saga Continues......

            Last week on Ramblings from the Tide: 
Our intrepid blogger drove the arduous 50 minute drive south to St. Simon’s Island to be the guest of a an old college friend as they attend the Jack Davis Retrospective and Panel. See what happens when things stop getting serious and start getting geeky.
 Oh, this also counts as a Photobomb Tuesday. (Yeah, I know it's not Tuesday. I thought we were past all that)

            Ok, so I left off last week where Trotter and I were about to enter the St Simon’s Theatre to see the Jack Davis Tribute Panel. We were patiently waiting outside in the lobby area as the VIPs entered. It was about this time, Nick Meglin walked up. Meglin was a former writer/editor for MAD magazine.

When it comes to celebrities and folks of certain prominence, I’ve always lived by the belief of just walking right up and introducing myself, say thanks for the good work, and beat a hasty retreat. If the celebrity wishes to converse more then we do. If not, I’ve had my moment and got my eventual story to tell. Meglin was in a chatty mood and it was awesome.

I opened the conversation, “Mr. Meglin, I just have to say thanks for all the great work you did at MAD. I can’t express how much MAD had an influence on me growing up and my humor.”

Mr. Meglin didn’t miss a beat,” Oh, I can’t take any blame for that, Sonny. That’s all on you.”

We both laughed. Before I knew it, we were involved in a full fledged conversation as if we were long lost pals. It went so well, the local cable access asked to tape us as we chatted. Meglin had made some joke about getting into trouble reading MAD in school which I said had happened. I also shared how my parents hated me reading MAD as a kid.

“That means we doing something right,” Meglin chuckled and went on to take his seat at the front of the theater.

Meglin, Pittman, Richmond.  Sorry, my cell doesn't have flash
Trotter and I found some decent seats near the front and panel started shortly after. It wasn’t the typical Q&A panel, I’ve attended in the past. The three speakers: Nick Meglin, who’ve we’ve already spoken about. Jack Pittman the former President of the National Cartoonist Society and Tom Richmond, current artist and editor for MAD magazine . Each of the gentlemen spent their time talking not so much about their achievements but on Jack Davis.

By the time it was over, it was quite a well deserved love fest for Jack Davis culminating in the presentation of a scrapbook with congratulatory sketches by some of the top cartoonists in the biz. From our third row seats, Trotter and I could see sketches signed by the current artists for Beetle Bailey, Blondie, and Dick Tracey.

As Mr. Davis exited the building to go across the street for the reception in the art gallery, the panel finally took questions. I asked if anything had ever been banned for being in “too” bad of taste. Richmond talked about having to literally “stop the presses” of the cover issue with Alfred E. Newman running a marathon and breaking the police line tape as if he’d won the race. This cover was coming out the day after 911 and MAD had the foresight to see how a series of crime scenes in NY might not be construed as humorous.

The Gallery who hosted the reception was very nice as were the people. I think what really stood out was the crowd. It was mostly older people but apparently, Davis used to reside here in St. Simon’s so it was more of a reunion with old friends than the art gallery suck ups I was expecting. People were very friendly and that was a good thing because the place was packed.
Trotter brought a copy of his calendar which won the Jack Davis Cup Art Contest and presented Davis with one as a present. Davis is a sweet old guy with horrible hearing so his granddaughter had to do some translating. I got to say the one word which sticks out about Jack Davis is gentleman. He is a true Southern Gentleman and was extremely gracious to everyone who came out form old friends to geeks like Trotter and myself. 
I pondered for a while on what I wanted to get Mr. Davis to sign when it hit me. Remember that Sugar Bowl insert from the 1981AJCI had mentioned? Mr. Davis recognized it and gave a little smile as he signed it to me. It was a bit of a thrill there for me to think a part of my high school memories had been signed by its creator. I just wish I had saved the Southern Bell sticker that I ripped off the pay phone at Six Flags which Davis had illustrated. (I said I was a fan)


Laurel & Hardy. Every YHC Alum should have this pic.....

This was a crowd favorite. It's from the 50s and one of the old EC Horror comics Davis had drawn

Wish I had gotten better shot because you can see Davis's Creative Process. This was a poster for Little Giants.

Probably my favorite of night. One of the few serious paintings on display.
TV Guide Cover from 1979 TV show, Soap.

I honestly don't see how anyone could have the heart to cut this cake....
Same w/ cookies but these were gone by my next round.
I don’t know why I didn’t stop to think the reception would also have food and cocktails but I was quite surprised by the spread. It was catered by donations from of all the local eateries and apparently, these guys are big fans of Jack Davis. I filled up on quite a few of the deviled shrimp and hot wings. The real stand out was the dessert table. This cake, as are the cookies, area all based on caricature self portraits of Davis.

My other favorite of the night was this. It was a combination eye dropper/toothpick loaded up with fresh mozzarella, basil, cherry tomato. The dropper was filled w/ balsamic vinegar which you squeezed as you ate the combo. You have to be careful though. I accidently squirted some down my throat and that was unpleasant as well as attention drawing.
The other artists were also quite approachable. Here is Tom Richmond conversating with
Trotter. I decided to hang back and listen to the two artists speak which was a wise choice because it got interesting. Richmond started telling Trotter the origins of Alfred E. Newman. Apparently it goes back to a dental ad in the late 19th century. Ol’ Alfie was the cover boy for a painless dentistry advertisement.  The “What? Me Worry?” bit was the company slogan.
AS this night began to wind down, People began pairing off and mingling. We bumped into Ryan, who is one of the Dinner4Geeks guys and buddy to our mutual friend Doke. As Trotter, Ryan, and myself began talking, others floated in and out of the fold. Many were thinking we were fellow artists.
I had no idea how many artists resided in St Simons but I had several conversations with them. Ed Hose was a very nice lady and extremely talented.  Please check out her work here. It’s very cool.
With pictures signed, and the crowd dispersing, Phase 3 was about to commence. Trotter and myself were invited to be a part of the Dinner4Geek’s podcast recording that week. The topic was 4 Core Comic Artists. So who did I pick? Find out in the stunning conclusion to the Brunswick Saga.